Attention, please

  • You can order any “take away” pizza from our menu. If you wish, it is possible to see the whole process of cooking when you sit at the bar or at the little table near the oven.

  • In the restaurant’s “average bill” (1200 roubles per person) we have included cold snack or salad, pasta or rizotto, the main dish, a glass of house wine , espresso and dessert. To tell the truth, not every person can eat so much for dinner.

  • Free wireless Internet through wi-fi technology.

  • It is aloud to smoke at the NAPOLI. Especially, if you smoke cigars (the barman always has something in hughmidor).

  • Dress-code. Lunches at the NAPOLI are usually businesslike. Dinners basically are elegant and celebratory. But more often we greet the guests in normal casual clothes.

  • Credit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard/Eurocard, Maestro Cirrus.
    • From May till October summer terrace is opened.
    • Convenient free parking.
    • It is recommended to reserve the table.


Each area of Italy is famous for its cooking traditions and local specialties. At the NAPOLI restaurant we try to demonstrate the best of them. Olive oil with balsam vinegar and fresh domestic bread, the Neapolitan pizza, the Tuscan lazania, soups, risotto and pastes from Lombardy, sauces from Liguria, the Venetian spices, tender dessert thiramisu which is cooked according to the ancient recipe of de Villa family (Piedmont).


When Italians come to the NAPOLI, they are surprised how the restaurant for 70 seats manages to have the same charming and cosy atmosphere as a small family restaurant for 4-5 tables somewhere in Tuscany.

The team

Giraffes line : Alexeу Semenov, Nadezhda Evdokimova, Oksana Cheban, Dennis Homchik, Pavel Seleznev, Dmitry Chikalov, Yana Semenova, Julya Vasileva, Tamara Stebletsova

The purple focus: Anastasia Bobrysheva

Front line (слева направо): Dmitry Nadein, Pavel Bystrov, Natalya Efimova, Irina Petrova, Elena Lisechko, Galina Vasileva, Alena Kolesnikova, Irina Fedulova, Konstantin Petukhov

Upper line : Dennis Homchik, Pavel Seleznev, Galina Vasileva

Third line : Vladimir Bobryshev, Anastasia Bobrysheva, Konstantin Petukhov, Alexeу Semenov

Second line : Alena Kolesnikova, Julya Vasileva, Pavel Bystrov, Dmitry Chikalov, Nadezhda Evdokimova, Oksana Cheban, Dmitry Nadein

Lower line : Natalya Efimova, Tamara Stebletsova, Elena Lisechko, Yana Semenova, Irina Petrova

That day in the frame were left another 7 members from our team: Konstantin Ivanov, Kirill Simberev, Zamira Zhiemuratova, Svetlana Bogolybova, Tatyana Gaponenko, Alexey Alexeev, Yuri Binebsky

Photos by year: в 2011, 2009, 2008, 2007.


Nice people

173007, Veliky Novgorod
1/1, Volosova street
Phone: +7 (8162) 730-879

Vittorio De Villa

Tourists office of Velikiy Novgorod

173007, Veliky Novgorod, Sennay ploshad, b. 5. Phone: +7 (8162) 77-30-74

Café Le Chocolat

173007, Veliky Novgorod
8, Ludogosha street
Phone: +7 (8162) 73-90-09

Le Ver de Vin

“Alkon” distillery
You can get only “Alkon” vodka in our restaurant.

Manuel Dinka

Italian food dealer

+7 (8162)60-30-95

Velikiy Novgorod, Studencheskaya St. 21/43
12:00 до 24:00,

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